Why we do what we do

1956 Scout Expedition

In his youth, our founder Lai Kam Hong found that scouts uniforms were expensive, as they had to be tailored made, with the official accessories only available from the Scouts Headquarters - which was VERY, very far away. He believed that all scouts should have convenient access to affordable, good quality uniforms and accessories, and he dreamed of providing such a service.

Through the establishment of his first shop - the first scout uniform retail outlet - he was able to turn his dream into reality.

This core belief continues to be upheld by the second and third generations of the company's management: his children and grandchildren share the same passion, having been members of the Scouts themselves. Whether you join the Scouts or any other uniformed body, you can be assured that we at OUTPOST Uniform not only know what you go through (having gone through it ourselves), but we know how you feel: excited, enthusiastic and proud being able to contribute to the good of the country.

That is why we do what we do: because we do it for you.

- The OUTPOST Team -